Lowe Electric Supply Company is dedicated to our investment in Information Technology. Our goal is to build our IT infrastructure for the future so that we can better adapt to our customer’s needs. Just last year, Lowe Electric made a significant investment in the Epicor Eclipse ERP system. Epicor Eclipse is the best in-class ERP system for Electrical Distributors. By aligning our operating procedures with the functionality that Eclipse brings, it allows us to be proactive in our service to our customers. Leveraging the requirements of our customers in real time, we can ensure that we always have adequate inventory levels to provide you with what you need.

Through the use of technology, Lowe Electric is able to reduce our overall overhead by automating many of our B2B processes. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing technologies such as EDI. We encourage all of our vendors to setup EDI relationships with Lowe Electric. This same technology is also available to our customers. Ultimately, the more processes that we can automate electronically will result in better service and pricing to our customers. Our goal is to provide you the best products and services at the prices you deserve.

For more information on Lowe Electric’s technological offerings, please contact the IT Department at 478-743-8661 x164.  

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