supplyFORCE is an owner-member services organizaton which specializes in professional contract management services. Simply put, supplyFORCE provides a platfom for a select group of local and regional companies to secure and fulfil contract opportunitis across multipleproduct categories and geographies, providing a natonal footprint and process efciencies. The foundation of supplyFORCE's strong position in the marketplace is it's partnership with Affiliated Distributors (A-D). A-D, PA and often referred to as our sister company, is the nation's leading marketing and buying group that has represented supplyFORCE's network of independent distributors - to manufacturers - for more than twenty-five years.

A-D was founded in 1981 as the first buying group in the electrical industry with a national distribution strategy. Eleven years later, in 1992, A-D received Justice Department approval and began to coordinate member bids for national business. Seven years later, in 1999, A-D spun their National Accounts Program into a separate company named supplyFORCE.
The relationship that we have with A-D is closely aligned so that both companies have a clear understanding of specific objectives and how they impact each other's business, the network and our valued customers. A-D provides us with the strong manufacturer relationships and price support that helps us facilitate a diverse group of distributors to effectively deliver national solutions across a wide geographical area.